Why Contractpedia?

Move your contracts from the drawer to the cloud.

Digitise and transform the way you manage your contracts. Contractpedia is an interactive system that finds places where you can save money on

your commitments. Be aware of your actual costs, legal and monetary obligations, and consequences of every commitment. Contracts and

subscriptions are everywhere and you need a central place for all of them that provides transparency and overview.



Be smart about your obligations Overview of all contracts Be smart about your obligations
Do you know your monetary and legal
obligations and the actual cost of each
contract and subscription?
Have a full overview of all commitments made
with other organizations or people and be
aware of which contracts would automatically renew.

Know your monetary and legal obligations for
the next year and the actual cost of each of
 your commitments. Use this knowledge
inside of your organization.
Do not lose your valuable assets Be ready to prepare the budget Stay in control

Contractpedia helps you to save your valuable
assets. For example you are reminded to collect
the assets from people who will no longer
 be with your organisation.

Contractpedia sends you smart alerts in
case you need to cancel a contract or
subscription. This way you make sure that you
do not make unneeded expenses.

Assign roles and stay in control of the
responsible people in your organization
who should terminate a contract before it is
too late and it gets automatically renewed.
Do not waste money Get more benefits Know your available assests
Contractpedia helps you to save money in
many different ways. You will not waste money
on an asset that you already have but it is
in another department and not used.

Contractpedia shows you not only how people
are connected to contracts but also what are
their education and skills so they can reach
their full potential to the benefit
of your organisation.
With Contractpedia you will never again
be in a situation where you or the departments
in your organization keep paying for an asset
that is no longer needed or used.

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