What makes Contractpedia powerful?

See what Contractpedia can do for your organisation.

Contractpedia handles all of your commitments in a single place. All that you need to know about the contracts, associated people,

departments and assets is here. Get help to manage and control your contracts and subscriptions like

never before and find the easy money internally.


Contracts People Audits

Control and manage different types of
contracts. Manage supplier and customer
contracts and have an overview of your income
 and expenses like never before.

Be aware of the contracts, subscriptions
and assets that the people in your organisation
are associated with and have a
complete overview and control.

Control the assets associated with the contracts
 and see their cost. When someone quits you
will not
forget to collect their 
assets and cancel any subscriptions.
Organisations Alerts Reports

Secure your important information about
the organisations in your network. Add
organisations that you interact with, such as
suppliers, customers and partners.

Contractpedia sends you smart alerts in
case you need to cancel a contract or
subscription. This way you make sure that you
do not make unneeded expenses.

Contractpedia provides you with reports
that can help you plan your budget. The
dashboard provides financial data that you
can easily filter and export.

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